Remote Support

How To Get Remote Support

Step 1

Call us at (800)403-1267 to discuss your computer needs. You will be connected to a live technical support representative in the United States. We will NEVER charge you for a problem if we are unable to fix it remotely and diagnosis is always free. We have a “No Fix, No Pay” policy.

Step 2

You will still be on the phone with a technician. You will need to click here and install the software so we can connect remotely. Once this software is installed it will give you 2 sets of numbers, a partner ID and a password. Your tech will ask for these numbers you don’t have to write them down.

Step 3

Finally, your technician will work on your computer while you watch or while you’re away. It’s completely up to you. Feel free to cook, exercise or do any other work while we work. It’s always safe and secure and we will NEVER charge you if we are unable to repair your computer.