PC Troubleshooting Made Easy: 3 Things to Check Prior to Calling a Specialist

Today the computer has become a vital element in the life of 90% of people in the world, and thanks to it has been able to generate many more technological advances that when the equipment did not exist, an example would be the facility to acquire a ticket to travel and stay book all through web. The computer managed to communicate in a different way no matter where in the world we are making a short and easy way. Helping workers and students to do their jobs faster giving you access to information that otherwise would have to spend hours looking at books, giving them tools like Word, Excel, Power Point, etc.

In addition to facilitating many of the tasks previously time – consuming because they were difficult or slow, also offer fun and entertainment for people of different ages and different tastes. The computer problems are usually very frustrating for many people, usually expensive and re want a lot of time to deal with the problem, now the day considered the digital age is important now more than ever your computer works correctly.

If suddenly came one day to his workplace and by pressing the ON button to turn the computer nothing happens, nothing happens, it does not detect any sign of life the only thing that will come to mind is having to carry your computer a service workshop and the budget is tight enough to have to spend … there is also the option to call an iT specialist, if you know it’ll explain here.

Surely you’ve ever heard from the mouth of someone who has a friend who always raining down many job offers, who pay more than $ 20,000 dollars a month, always receives compensation for another person’s eyes is something enviable, constantly send him to give courses and even solve problems in a company abroad, giving its future as promising, then perhaps these hearing some of the characteristics possessed by iT consultants.

Have the basic idea that an IT consultant only focuses on the management and control of computer equipment and programming languages is already somewhat archaic and common since nowadays that combine it with strategies in business processes and technical skills in competitions, they are few specialized professionals to support companies in the preparation and execution of business strategies with the help of their high knowledge and use of technology platforms. Consultancies in IT are a great opportunity in business issues for those extremely techies, since the integration of technology in the areas of business operations will have to be such specialists, consultants , companies in these industries seek always hire the best.

But many of you might wonder where these consultants, what college career do? For almost out of those careers where they learn economics, management, business processes, also branches in computer systems and various types of engineering including English proficiency.
Because these specialists can give very good advice on domains that are outside their experience, they focus on helping multiple companies relying on the skill set they own, but the technologies are advancing day by day be this kind of specialist IT never be enough if it is one, because this pair a set of expert consultants sometimes be needed to solve one specific problem. In this large consulting firms are based, giving customers a set of IT consultants specialized each in a different branch and endorsed their work experience by providing quality service to look over the details of a project and can execute from beginning to end.
An IT consultant to be considered effective in this kind of work is that apart from being very smart to have a great problem solving, may suddenly not an expert in that case to treat specific but know how to solve it and where to get the necessary answers.
Before you call an IT consultant or a service and you can discover for yourself that is what is causing the problem much will expedite the solution when making the call. One of the most common problems is “My computer does not turn” but many people confuse it with the “My computer does not start” the difference is that if it does not start is that the PC is receiving power, but nothing appears on the monitor or an error screen appears and does not go away when not light is that if you are receiving electricity but still does not turn on the computer. Before calling for service we have to be clear to which of the two above is the suffering our PC as this will help the technician to solve our problem faster.
When it comes to computer problems among the most common are memory problems related to instabilities that owns the system as the famous blue screen or locks the hard drive while running an application, there are soft blocks and hard blocks, if you suffer the last you should once you cannot move your mouse. For memory problems before calling for service must open your CPU and see the RAM memories that you have inserted if there is a free slot moves one of the memories of that available, you can also try taking one of the memories that look different from the others or testing with individual memories in order to test if you get a memory that was bad, if after this the memory issue is not resolved can already call the service and say you tried this process and they will know that the problem is already more critical.
And third and last another common problem are the problems with the hard drive for this you just have to press the Windows button is in the lower left corner, type “cmd” and select “run as” once there is written ” chkdsk c: / r “and press the enter key, an exit checking the files processed by analyzing the hard drive at the end if you notice that there are more than 0kb then the sectors are defective which means it’s time to change the hard drive will be obtained , and to this point should have ready the backup of all the data is there for the company.
You should try to verify well your computer because when calling for service, will always generate spending money that is not covered by our plan is also advisable to periodically update your equipment
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