5 Ways to Make Your Computer Run Faster

Is your computer giving you problems? Does it take longer for your computer to churn through a simple task?

Well, we all face problems with our computers at one point of time, the major issue being a slow, creaking computer. However, that does not mean you need to run for costly repairs or seek expensive help every time.

That being said, let’s quickly take a dig at top 5 ways to make your computer run faster:

Do away with unwanted programs

Though quite common, users often ask, “How to clean up computer to run faster?” For those who don’t know; start by uninstalling programs you no more use. These programs can be anything from software trial versions, old games, out-of-date software to meaningless antivirus programs. So, free up useless storage space and memory and see a boost in your computer speed.

Click Start>Control Panel>Uninstall a Program. Just select the program from the list that appears and click Uninstall.

Regularly check for updates

Wandering what can make my computer run faster? The answer is keeping your computer software up to date. Ensuring that all your software is updated will not only make computer run faster but will also allow you to get rid of security issues and costly repairs in the future.

Keep your hard drive fragmented

Still asking, “How to make your computer run faster?” Well, many of you won’t know that when computer saves a big file to its hard drive, it doesn’t save it as it is. But, it breaks it into small chunks and then saves them across multiple locations.

As a result, hard drive runs slowly. In this case, a Disk Derangement tool is required which not only rearranges the data more logically but also increases the speed of your computer.

Do away with viruses & harmful malware

This is something we all are aware of, but how many of us clean our computer viruses regularly? A very small percentage actually!!

Have reliable antivirus software installed and run it regularly so that viruses don’t slow down your PC or result in any data loss. Clean the spyware to stay protected from phishing and hacking attacks. Running a full scan will keep both your hard disk securer and make your computer run faster.

Clean web browser

Each time you visit any webpage, your web browser saves or ‘caches’ it in the form of small file in Temporary Internet Folder. And, if you don’t clean them, their volume will build up.

Cleaning your browser periodically will not only enhance loading speeds but will also cut down a sizeable space they take on the disk.

Just visit the History menu in the browser and click Clear Browsing Data!

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